Sunday 4 February 2007

A typical IMD weekend

We were all looking forward to Saturday night. Last week a few of the guys had found a decent nightclub in Lausanne so now the plan was to check it out en masse. Before that, however, was all the other stuff that gets in the way of sleep around here...

A morning of working on my slides for our group industry analysis project - drugs and disease management in the US diabetes market. Then a meeting for a couple of hours: nothing like a good fight over one word - ‘delivery’ - to set you up for the afternoon.

Next, my plan was to spend some time on my leadership paper, an investigation about what has really been going on in our groups. How is the group operating? what are the real reasons for the interactions? what ‘fish’ are lurking under the table, causing a stink? But instead, I made myself some lunch. I can do the paper later or tomorrow.

So off to the White Horse to meet some of the other Brits - Laura (English) and husband Kevin (Scottish), Alistair (Scottish) and wife Clare (English), Jonathan (Orkney) and Mike (Kiwi) partner of Anna (Kiwi). The first game of the Six Nations pitting English determination versus Scottish flannel. The Scots weren’t singing any more after half time.

Did I return to my paper? nope. Made myself some dinner and took a quick nap before heading out to meet the guys at CafĂ© Louis around 22.30. Just one cheeky mojito before walking up the road to Red. And there I remained, dispensing relationship advice and making up with my study group after today’s little argument, until 05.30 when we were encouraged to leave.

I set the alarm for 09.00. I get up at 12.30. There goes my morning’s leadership paper writing schedule. I get to work after some breakfast then feel a hangover kicking in around 15.00. I need to make real progress - I’m meeting my study group at 18.30 to press on with the industry analysis project. We agree on most things! quickly!! so I get away early enough to make dinner, make a couple of phone calls and settle down to write at 22.00. Four hours later, I’m done. I think I’ve done a passable job. I email the paper and password with 6 hours to spare before the deadline and head for bed. Tomorrow it’s micro-economics for four hours starting 08.00.