Wednesday 12 April 2006

Episode 1c. Ushuaia, the last night

Leo decided I needed a leaving party. How many's that I've had this year? I had commented that my main reason for visiting Argentina was to eat (decent) empanadas. So that was that. He was going to make empanadas in the hostel and invite anyone to join us.

Claudio and Estela (the owners) came along; a young Canadian couple; 68-year old, half-deaf, recently-retired, recently divorced Jorge; Oreste, a travelling art and craft maker, whom Leo met in the campsite; Angels; and the tall, English red-head Leo had chatted up in the supermarket.

Wow! they were good. But I didn't pay attention to how he made them so he's going to do the whole thing again in BA. Claudio, Estela, Angels and I will all be in BA at the same time at the start of May. Possibly Laura too. And Leo's girlfriend, of course.

Well, the usual thing. We ate loads, drank plenty of red wine then headed down to... Pub Dublin (pronounced, of course, Doobleen). A few beers then on to the next place. Whatever that was called. Oreste insisted that I learn how to dance the tango in BA. Leo gave up on the redhead. Angels took a shine to Oreste. I was having thoughts about that missed plane back from Bangalore as it approached 3.30am. So we called it a night. I set all the alarms I could find and passed out.