Thursday 13 April 2006

Punta Arenas: in transition

3 hours sleep. Pack on back. Run out the door. No time for coffee or bread. No time to look at the view. Straight out. No time to collect water. Is that a hangover coming on? No time to collect anything. Run down the steep road turn left down San Martín and run to the coach. I'm one of the first there. Damn. Could have got some nutrients into the bloodstream.

But what a coach! Big seats. Comfortable. Reclining.

So I slept some of the time and gazed out the window the rest of it. First through snowy mountains then soon into the plains of Tierra del Fuego. Phone reception disappeared about 10 minutes out of Ushuaia and popped on again once we were on the Chilean side about 4 hours later in San Sebastián de Chile. Most of the land was flat and rugged pastures for sheep, cattle, horses and guanaco.

I was very happy to get that lunch.

I hadn't had food or water for several hours and my guts were not best pleased.

Then rush off to get the ferry. Or wait 4 hours to get the ferry across the Magellan Straits. Waiting next to a field with warning signs saying 'Danger: Minefield'.

Short crossing and a couple of hours later we reach the destination late at night. I was expecting to be met by a gaggle of hostel owners touting for business and luckily I was.

I didn't take to Punta Arenas. I got the earliest bus I could find to Puerto Natales and in the meantime tried to kill some time. Bought provisions etc for the trekking in Torres del Paine coming up.